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We want your outdoor lighting experience as smooth and pain free as possible. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please email us or call 512-635-5864.

Christmas Lighting

What Are Your Prices?

Our minimum for Christmas Light Installation is $1000. Our average price for installation at a home is roughly $1500.00. Pricing will vary based on the size of the property and type of lighting requested.

What Type Of Lights Do You Use?

For the roofline, we use the highest quality commercial grade large C9 SMD LED bulbs, which produce the most brilliant and vibrant colors that can be seen from far away. We leave it up to the customer to choose the color scheme. Please see our gallery or contact us for some ideas on color schemes we have previously done. For wreaths, shrubs, columns, and railings we typically use conical mini lights which give off lots of light closer together and compliments the smaller features of your home. We have multiple options for trees, which include a traditional wrap with mini lights, a more ornamental look with C9 lights, or a very unique look with a mix of spritzers and light drops.

Can I Supply My Own Lights?

Unfortunately, due to our insurance, we are not able to install lights provided by the customer. Store bought lights are made significantly cheaper and do not provide the longevity of our lights. Store bought lights rarely provide the same products from year to year, making it difficult to replace lights if you have a problem with a single strand. Our lights are the highest quality, and provides the most vibrant display. We can customize your lights to any design you choose. In addition, our lights come with a 50K hour guarantee.

Why Type of Guarantee Do You Offer?

We 100% guarantee your Christmas lights will work for the duration of the holiday season. If you run into any issues, please call us, so we can send an expert installer to fix the problem within 48 hours. You can relax knowing that Big Texas Lights is here to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

Do You Offer An Early Bird Discount?
Yes, we do! If you schedule your install date to be prior to November 1st, we will give you 10% off. Your lights do not have to be plugged in yet, we will run the cord directly to the outlet and you can plug it in at the date and time of your choosing.
Do You Offer a Discount If We Refer Someone?

Our referral program is our most popular discount. We offer a 10% discount for the following year for every person you refer who installs custom lights. If you refer 5 of your neighbors or friends, who allow us to install our lights, you will get 50% off next year! Please ask us for business cards to hand out.

Note: Maximum referrals in one season is 5, totaling 50% discount the following year.

Permanent, Landscape, Wedding/Venue

Why Should I Hire Big Texas Lights Over The Competitors?

We are a local business with over 20 years of commercial and residential lighting experience in the Central Texas area. No company takes more pride in their work than we do at Big Texas Lights.

What Is Your Permanent Architectural Accent Lighting Pricing?
Our permanent architectural accent lighting pricing requires a personal quote. Each project is different, and there are many factors to consider. Please contact us by phone or request a quote, and supply us with additional project details for a fast estimate.
Why Shouldn't I Get My Landscape Lights From A Big Box Store?
It can be tempting to get your lights from a local retail store, but we can guarantee you the quality will not be the same. With cheaper lights, you run the risk of ongoing malfunctions and subpar lighting performance. At Big Texas Lights, we install the highest quality fixtures made of brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum – all great choices to fit any budget. Our Alliance transformers and fixtures have a lifetime warranty. With Big Texas Lights, you can trust your landscaping lights will look and perform amazing.
Can I Change My Landscape Lighting Design After Installation?

Yes, however, it is very important that we go over all design options and schematics before any installation is performed. Once installation has been completed, we allow 48 hours for minor changes and adjustments.

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