Big Texas Lights


Customer Agreement

By booking with Big Texas Lights, said customer agrees to Big Texas Lights Customer Agreement.

Mission Statement

Big Texas Lights provides an all-inclusive service for your holiday lighting needs. We do everything you need including providing lights, design, installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage.

What Makes Big Texas Lights Different

Our materials are commercial grade, and custom cut to fit your home exactly. The quality of our lights and decorations far exceeds what you will find at your local stores, Amazon, etc. Superior quality light bulbs come with superior energy efficiency. Our bulbs give off more light while maintaining a “natural” or “traditional” hue/color. Power supply cords are custom lengths, and well hidden. Our install process eliminates unsightly cords and tripping hazards. Big Texas Lights guarantees the work, and performs all maintenance necessary. Take down is in January. We then label and handle all the storage for next season.

Installation Warranty

All workmanship performed by Big Texas Lights is guaranteed to reasonably perform during said holiday season only (Through December 31st). Customers must make reasonable attempts to report unsatisfactory performance/installation of lighting for standard maintenance to occur. Maintenance is performed within 48 hours of contact. Any failure of lights due to an act of God, weather, theft, vandalism, or performance of lights not leased from Big Texas Lights, may not be covered under “standard maintenance”. Big Texas Lights will always repair any display that does not function because of faulty lights, timers, or cords that we provided at no additional charge. Any failure of icicle lights due to excessive winds or age will not be covered under standard maintenance. Non-covered maintenance will be charged $50 plus any materials cost.

Big Texas Lights will set the timer at installation. We highly recommend early installations as we can work out any issues should they arise. Big Texas Lights gives discounts for early installations.

Big Texas Lights is not responsible for how your house is internally wired. Big Texas Lights cannot guarantee that seasonal lighting will not overburden your home/business electrical system. Big Texas Lights assumes that your house/business meets all US standard electrical codes and is wired for full 240/120 volts.


We will provide all the lighting materials so that we can guarantee the quality of the finished product. No person/business/organization is permitted to make alterations/repairs/or improvements without prior written permission from Big Texas Lights. Any alteration to decorations or set up by homeowner voids the $0 maintenance service warranty.

We are NOT responsible for repairs or replacement of materials that are damaged by homeowners or workers on the property, or damage caused by rodents. (Examples, landscaper cutting lights when trimming bushes, homeowner trying to connect another set of their own lights to the installation and the power overloading, squirrels eating lights to make nest, etc.)


A payment equal to 50% of the installation cost is due to get put on the schedule. Full payment is due within 48 hours of completion of installation, unless prior arrangements have been made. If prior arrangements have not been made, all discounts are null and void if full payment is not received within 30 days of installation.

All invoices not paid within 30 days of installation date will be subject to a $50 processing fee and a 3% finance charge for every month delinquent thereafter. All customers sent to collections will be charged a $75 court fee. A credit card will be required to be on file to schedule an installation date. Payment options include, cash, check, or credit card. If a credit card is used as form of payment, a 5% convenience fee will be added.


Take down is a free service with no cash value provided for all residential customers and is included unless otherwise noted. No appointment is necessary for take down. This service will occur between January 2nd and Feb 15th, weather permitting. Big Texas Lights will try and accommodate specific dates if needed but cannot be guaranteed. UNLESS NOTED ON THE INVOICE, ALL JOBS ARE TAKEN DOWN.


Free storage of holiday lighting is a service to all Big Texas Lights customers who lease lights.

Product Warranty

Big Texas Lights provides a warranty on the products provided to be in good working order through December 31st.

Photo Release

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